Rock Collection (pink appendage)

Bobbi Meier

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Excised from the sand during long, quarantine-relief walks to the beach at Marquette Park in the Indiana Dunes, these 'rocks'  were initially collected to be discarded as trash. However upon closer inspection of their concrete and asphalt shapes, the artist decided to salvage and integrate some of them with their handmade porcelain forms. The heavy industrial materials paired with the delicate porcelain conjures up ideas of contrasts lived in human experience. That objects, such as life, can be both smooth/rough , interior/exterior. The materials hold the evidence of human presence and through the artist's intervention have been rearranged to present a new notion of their meaning. 2020
Dimensions: 6.5 x 5 x 3"
Materials: Found concrete, glazed porcelain, epoxy


Bobbi Meier
(East Garfield Park)

For artist Bobbi Meier, producing work that is sensuous, slightly frightening, and grotesquely humorous has become a means to engage discomfort and anger with situations that cannot be changed. Life’s frustrations and the human condition are embedded into her abstract sculptures, drawings, and installations through a juxtaposition of delicate and aggressive material manipulation. Her background as a graphic designer has had a strong influence on the projects in her fine art practice. Recently in residence at the John Michael Kohler Arts/Industry Program, she had the opportunity to transform her typically soft forms into porcelain objects.