Everything Was Going So Well (wrapped with red ball)

Bobbi Meier

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This intimately-sized object made from spandex, pantyhose and found objects is a physical abstraction of bundled emotions. It is a repository of memories and mini-memorials to events and individuals that may be painful or happy, revealing and concealing the experiences that lie beneath. 2017
Dimensions: 7 x 6 x 6"
Materials: Spandex, wood, found objects, pantyhose, fiberfill


Bobbi Meier
(East Garfield Park)

For artist Bobbi Meier, producing work that is sensuous, slightly frightening, and grotesquely humorous has become a means to engage discomfort and anger with situations that cannot be changed. Life’s frustrations and the human condition are embedded into my abstract sculptures, drawings, and installations through a juxtaposition of delicate and aggressive material manipulation. Her background as a graphic designer has had a strong influence on the projects in her fine art practice. Recently in residence at the John Michael Kohler Arts/Industry Program, she had the opportunity to transform her typically soft forms into porcelain objects.