Babble Bot

Bennett Dixon

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Babble Bot is a picture book about a baby and a daddy who can’t understand one another until a toy robot steps in to translate. Opening a hilarious line of communication, the robot enlightens daddy on the meaning of baby-speak like “Blah-dee, gunk-gunk” (“You are the one who gives me bottle”) and “Floompa flimmer—bzzzt!” (“Your outfit—it’s terrible!”). But when the robot’s batteries run out, baby and daddy are on their own. Published in 2019 ISBN: 9781734115109
Dimensions: 9 x 9", 32 pages
Materials: Softcover book, full color illustrations

Bennett Dixon


Long before becoming a children's book author, Bennett Dixon was born and raised in the Chicago area. Today he lives in the Riverwest neighborhood with his wife and two young sons.