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BECOMING is a series of creative-research publications drawing together a diverse group of artists, researchers, and practitioners to investigate reciprocal relationships between humans and Others. The BECOMING series asks what we can learn from more-than-human bodies and knowledges to allow for future ecological and creative sustainability.

becoming—Botanical is an herbal encyclopaedia (liber herbalis) which asks readers to contemplate the ways we interact and depend on plant-life in a post-modern era. The book comprises short provocative entries from a myriad of scientific and artistic perspectives, accompanied by visual imagery to disrupt and compliment the entries. This collection features 46 entries from over 50 international artists, researchers, and practitioners spanning 6 continents–beautifully fusing academia, scientific and ecological research, art, and creative practice.

becoming-Feral presents a prismatic and multifaceted perspective on our understandings of other-animals and their ‘wildness’ through the re-imagined form of a bestiarum vocabulum (book of beasts). This book aims to investigate the complex relationships between human/other-animals and the shifting categories of wild/feral/domestic. This collection features poems, scholarly prose, musical compositions, ecological research, lyric essays, performance documentation, and visual art from over 80 international contributors.

In addition to a print edition, please visit to explore the digital companion collection of multimedia contributions in the form of audio works, video art and photographic essays.

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6.7 x 9"
Materials: Paper


Objet-a Creative Studio is an interdisciplinary arts organization producing a variety of artistic outputs on the verge of performance, music, visual and sonic art. The BECOMING series is edited by Josh Armstrong | Royal Conservatoire of Scotland & Objet-a Creative Studio and Alexandra Lakind | Chicago-based artist.