Tristan Martinez

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Three color risograph book. Book of bags from the screenprint series Baggie.
Dimensions: 4 x 7" in baggie
Materials: Black polyurethane bag, Arcival masking tape, PVA, Screen print ink , and 3 color Riso Printing

Tristan Martinez

Tristan Martinez (b. 1996 in Los Angeles, California) is an artist working in photography whose projects focus on the aesthetics of late stage capitalism while exploring themes of isolation, accessibility, and representation. Through digital manipulation and image sequencing, Tristan constructs ambiguous narratives that transcend individual identity and defy direct placement. Hyper focused on the banal aspects of daily life, his images challenge the viewer to make sense of what it is they are looking at and how that perception allows for meaning to form. Tristan received a BFA in photography from The School of the Art institute of Chicago in 2020. Living and working in Chicago, Tristan is collected by The Joan Flasch Artists' Book Collection and has shown internationally at Czong Institute for Contemporary Art.