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Alto Peak Rice Coffee is named after a mountain in the maker's mother's home province of Leyte. This blend of rice coffee made at Garbage Hill Farm combines roasted California grown rice with Lapsang Souchong and foraged Turkey Tail mushrooms from Illinois. This mix has the health benefits of rice to increase the metabolism, aid in digestion, and boost skin health, and the antioxidants and immune enhancing polysaccharopeptides of Turkey Tail mushrooms.
Rice coffee is popular in the mountainous region of the Phillippines where they use roasted rice as a substitute for coffee beans.This rice coffee has a rich earthy and smoky quality enhanced by the Lapsang Souchong.
Dimensions: 7 oz. 
Materials: Roasted California rice, Lapsang Souchong, foraged turkey Tail mushroom

Japanese Breakfast Gluten Free Buckwheat Granola
is a gluten free buckwheat groat granola that combines a mix of Japanese flavors including matcha, black sesame seeds, ume shiso, and nori. This granola also includes ingredients that are being grown at the farm: hazelnuts, Japanese squash seeds, and cherries. This unusual combination makes for a great breakfast paired with yogurt, and an amazing topping on ice cream.
Dimensions: 7 oz. 
Materials: Organic buckwheat groats, sesame seeds, black sesame seeds, golden flax seeds, squash seeds, olive oil, ume shiso, nori, maple syrup, honey, sugar, matcha, dried cherries, hazelnuts, sea salt


Garbage Hill Farm 
(McKinley Park)

Garbage Hill Farm is the project of Winnipeg native Jen Delos Reyes. The farm’s name sake comes from her hometown’s Westview Park which was built upon a garbage dump and is lovingly known as "Garbage Hill."

Garbage Hill Farm is located in Chicago Illinois McKinley Park neighborhood at SIDE by SIDE, a future residency for BIPOC arts and culture leaders and artists to rest and rejuvenate. The farm’s CSAA (Community Supported Art/Agriculture program) is what provides the funding to support the artist residency.

The farm is committed to organic regenerative farming practices, closed loop production, and the elimination of single use plastics in distribution. We grow food and make household cleaners and beauty products that can be refilled onsite.

The farm is home to chickens, birds, and twin goats, Bucky and G.O.A.T.