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Terrain Exhibitions

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We invited artists to create an edition of 15 (or more) of a flatwork of their choosing. We asked everyone to make works no larger than 8” x 10” and no thicker than ⅛” to ensure proper fitting within a Keep in Touch care package. We encouraged artists to pursue any (stable) media and format. Possible suggestions included zines, postcards, poems, drawings, prints, bookmarks, and so forth. Each Keep in Touch care package includes 3 carefully curated editioned works from participating artists. Each participating artist received their own copy of the Keep in Touch care package.

K.I.T. edition artists include...

Ahmed Ozsever, Alberto Aguilar, alejandro acierto, Anne Stevens, Anni Holm, Ben Shepard and Job Zheng, Bobbi Meier, Carla Fisher Schwartz, Carrie Cooper, Cody Tumblin, Donut Shop, Elnaz Javanii, Eric Von Haynes, Erin Hayden, Eseosa Edebiri, Hannah Radeke, Jan Simonds, Jeroen Nelemans, Jorge Lucero, Judith Brotman, Julia Arredondo, Keeley Haftner, Kelly Kristin Jones, Kioto Aoki, Kushala Vora, Liz Weinstein, Lorenza Perreli, Madeleine Aguilar ,Marianne Fairbanks ,Matt Nicholson, Mel Potter, Michelle Wasson, Nathan Florsheim, Paul Hertz, Rebecca Beachy, Regin Igloria, Richard Medina, Robin Dluzen, Sage Dawson, Sarah & Joseph Belknap, Sarah Aziz, Sonja Thomsen, Tiny Domingos, Tom Burtonwood, and Tony Foley.
Dimensions: 12 x 9 x 1"
Materials: Various

Terrain Exhibitions
(Oak Park) 

Terrain Exhibitions brings contemporary art where it is most needed: yards, windows, porches, and roofs in residential neighborhoods. Creating greater access for new and underserved audiences for contemporary art, empowering neighbors to make private spaces public in a spirit of generosity and collaboration.

Terrain Exhibitions also produces the Terrain Biennial, a public art event staged at locations worldwide and hosts the Terrain Residency in Springfield, Illinois.