Time Capsule Sunday by oto CD

Kikù Hibino

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"Trying to cram in as many memories as possible before it all disappears" and that the music "concerns itself with themes of capturing and preserving fleeting moments" (The Wire). Time Capsule Sunday by oto is Kiku Hibino's first CD release in 2007. Limited amount copies are available.
Dimensions: 5.45 W x 4.95 H x 0.25", 11 Tracks
Materials: Audio CD in Digipak

Kiku Hibino
(Hyde Park)

Chicago-based and Japanese-born sound artist KIKÙ HIBINO produces cross-genre electronic music.

From chamber music for media productions to digital micro sound for art installations, he has collaborated internationally with a wide variety of artists and scholars, including Kawaguchi Takao (Dumb Type), Curtis Roads, Theaster Gates , Mike Weis (Zelienople), Mitsu Salmon and Yuge Zhou.