Weird Tote Bag


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Thank You! Have a weird day! Canvas tote bag. Made and designed by the teens enrolled in Yollocalli's Youth programs that encourages local young artists.
15 x 15", 12" drop
Materials: Screen printed canvas tote


(Pilsen & Little Village)

Yollocalli Arts Reach is an award-winning youth initiative of the National Museum of Mexican Art. All merch made by teens. Our mission is to strengthen the value of youth art and culture by providing equal access to communal, artistic, and cultural resources that allow youth to become creative and engaged community members. We provide programs for youth ages 13 to 24 years old, offered during the fall and spring after school, with longer day sessions during the summer. Programs range in technical skill and theme from basic drawing and painting, to public performance, blogging, comic and zine making, quinceañera aesthetics, mural painting and graffiti, just to name a few. We also host satellite programs, workshops, teen exhibitions, and special events throughout the year in the Chicagoland area. Everything provided by Yollocalli is always totally and completely FREE OF CHARGE.