Golden Section Finder

Parsons & Charlesworth

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The golden ratio (also known as the golden section or golden mean) is a proportion commonly found in nature. Historically, artists, designers, and architects have used it as a means of defining beauty theoretically rather than intuitively. The Golden Section Finder is a lens through which you can find this proportional “perfection” in your surroundings. Simply hold up the Golden Section Finder in front of objects or images to see if their proportions match the golden ratio.

Golden Section Finder
Laser etched acrylic
4 x 6"
Unlimited edition

Parsons & Charlesworth create glimpses into alternate realities, telling stories with objects, and inviting thoughtful questioning of contemporary life.
The studio was co-founded by Tim Parsons and Jessica Charlesworth in 2014 and their first major solo show, Spectacular Vernacular, was exhibited in the Chicago Rooms of the Chicago Cultural Center in 2016. They have exhibited in galleries, museums, institutions, and festivals around the world including: Walker Art Center, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Museu de Arte, Arquitetura e Tecnologia (MAAT Lisbon), Science Gallery Dublin, Arts Club of Chicago, 2nd Istanbul Design Biennial, the Museum of Contemporary Art (Chicago) ,Fernwey Gallery (Chicago), Wanted Design (New York City), Aram Gallery (London), BrooksStevens Gallery (Milwaukee) and the London Design Festival.