Music Box Theatre Framed Watercolor

Claudia Renzi

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The Chicago Music Box Theater opened on August 22, 1929, a time when the movie palaces in downtown Chicago each had seating capacities of around 3,000 people. The Music Box, which sat 800, was considered an elaborate little brother to those theatres. Theatre Architecture magazine noted in 1929 that the theatre "represents the smaller, though charming and well equipped, sound picture theatre which is rapidly taking the place of the 'deluxe' palace." The opening film was Mother’s Boy starring Morton Downey, Beryl Mercer, and a young Brian Donlevy.
Dimensions: 20 x 20 x 1.5"
Materials: Watercolor paper and Japanese Ink and watercolor inks

Claudia Renzi


Claudia Renzi is a Venezuelan-born, USA-educated artist. On a full ride scholarship through playing tennis, she earned two bachelor’s degrees in Marketing at Georgia State University and in Graphic Design at the Portfolio Center. In school, she earned extra income by selling large acrylic paintings to friends and co-workers. After decades in a demanding career in graphic design, she returned to painting and drawing in 2010 while searching for something to help cope with life stresses. The creative process and the media were a balm for the soul, much like meditation. When she draws and paints, she is relaxed and free. Free of rules and deadlines, free of what others might think, free of problems and stress.